About Us

The Garnet Group is a multi-disciplinary professional services firm providing insightful, cross-cutting solutions to meet client needs. Our focus on client needs, as well as wants, means that we complement our client’s core business while maintaining objectivity. We bring specialized skills, knowledge, and experience to provide rapid and focused results.

The Garnet Group and its staff have provided proven results to clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Past and current clients include: Federal and state government agencies including national laboratories, the Departments of Defense, Energy, Commerce, State, Treasury, and state agencies of California, New York, and Virginia; research and technology firms; business enterprises; electric, gas, and water utilities; educational institutions; and non-profit think-tanks. Our projects have addressed both domestic programs as well as international development. Of particular note is our work for non-governmental organizations such as Free Generation International & Free Generation Africa, Education for Peace International, Settlement & Integration Services Organization,  International Action, and international funding institutes such as The World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank.

Our Business Philosophy

The Garnet Group’s mark of differentiation in the professional services field is driven by its corporate philosophy, shared by all its staff and consultants:

  • Make a difference
    • To our clients' programs
    • To our nation's economic strength
    • To the community we live in
    • To the planet we share
  • Add value to our clients’ programs by
    • Leveraging technology, information, and expertise
    • Bringing synergies of ideas and experiences
    • Connecting-the-Dots
  • Focus on corporate reputation, not profits



Deepak C. Kenkeremath

Deepak Kenkeremath brings over 35 years of experience in technical and economic analyses of issues related to energy (both conventional and renewable), environment, and water resources technologies. In addition, he has proven expertise in program development, program evaluation metrics, technology transfer/technology utilization, organizational management, commercialization strategies, and export promotion.  Deepak has earned a reputation for his creative approaches to solving technical problems and to developing multi-organizational and public-private partnership initiatives to effect market development and market transformation.  Deepak has worked for major U.S. federal and state agencies, electric utility companies, international funding institutions, non-governmental organizations, and foreign governments on projects on four continents.  He has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Engineering (Ocean Engineering) degrees.


Casper Voogt

Casper Voogt brings more than 15 years of proven expertise in solving design and technical problems, from marketing strategy and research to conceptual and visual design, web development, user interface design, web analytics, computer modeling, web applications development as well as architecture and urban design. His unique blend of skills and insights has helped countless organizations and companies build their marketing presence. Casper has worked for Fortune 500 companies, public radio stations, non-profits, small-to-medium businesses, health care IT startups, and numerous foreign clients including EU-funded research organizations. He has a Bachelor of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Architecture from Princeton University.

John "Ted" Carver

John “Ted” Carver is an Information Technology specialist with over a quarter century of experience in data reconciliation, legacy data base conversions, and bridge applications development.  He has provided support to both large-scale government agency IS systems as well as small business applications.  Ted has earned a reputation for his creative and efficient solution with custom software development.  His particular areas of expertise include development of solutions and exploitation of MSSQL and Oracle database environments, as well as Microsoft and  .NET products (C++.net, VB.net, etc.)  Recent client projects focus on web-based IT applications.  Ted holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.