The Garnet Group and the Sustainable Haiti Coalition Announce a Strategic Partnership

The Garnet Group and the Sustainable Haiti Coalition have signed an agreement to become ”Strategic Partners” in developing and implementing joint porjects. While The Garnet Group has been a member of the Coalition for some time now and has taken a leadership role in the Coalition’s Outreach and Investment committees, this corporate relationship brings a new level of collaboration on programs and projects to support the development and rebuilding of Haiti on a long-term sustainable basis. The Sustainable Haiti Coalition [], a 501(c) 3 coalition of businesses and non-profits with sustainable solutions, is in part an outgrowth of the Working Group for a Sustainable Future for Haiti convened at Fairleigh Dickinson University in February 2010. With over 250 active business, non-profit, academic, activist, and private citizen members, the Coalition seeks to bring a suite of sustainable solutions to Haiti. It supports capacity building in all sectors, but focus principally on the private sector and the development of community-scale programs that increase self-sufficiency and local control. The Garnet Group’s proven staff expertise in sustainable environmental, renewable energy, and water resource development programs are a natural complement to these efforts.

An initial focus for The Garnet Group-Sustainable Haiti Coalition Strategic Partnership is the development of the “Haiti Business Portal,” a web-based searchable information system open to U.S. and international businesses with an understanding of the needs, opportunities, and processes for business related to the rebuilding of Haiti. Specifically, the Haiti Business Portal
  • Actively search & collect timely, relevant information on funding for projects/programs in Haiti
  • Aggregate, analyze, condense, key information into useable formats for the business community
  • Actively contact and disseminate the information in a timely manner to key constituents
  • Facilitate collaborative efforts between large and small businesses (especially Haitian Diaspora)

The two organizations have started the scoping and design phase of the effort and are currently in discussions with key funding organizations and collaborative partners, including Haitian Diaspora businesses and organizations, Haiti-based businesses, and U.S. businesses interested in development projects in Haiti.

For more details of this initiative, take a look at the Press Announcement.

Organizations and individuals interested in collaborating with the Haiti Business Portal are encouraged to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Put “Haiti Business Portal” in the subject line.