Plethora Design Concrete5 Article in Web Designer Magazine, UK


Web Designer, a leading professional magazine in U.K. for the web development industry, is publishing an article in its current issue (#182) on Concrete5 written by Casper Voogt, Director of Plethora Design, a Division of The Garnet Group.  Concrete5 is a content management system similar to Drupal and Joomla.  The Web Designer article provides readers with an introduction to Concrete5, and compares it with Joomla and other content management systems, weighing the pro's and cons.  (A link to the online version of this article will be included here when it is available.)

The Garnet Group's web developers have demonstrated expertise in using Concrete5 for client sites.  More information on the Concrete5 CMS can be found at the Plethora Design blog posts,