IT Solutions and Web Communications

  • Bridge Applications
  • Software Tailoring
  • Data Reconciliation and Synchronization
  • Web Communications

The Garnet Group and its staff know that this is an “information age” and that web-based communications are critical to both business and personal lives.  From economic development to national security to healthcare, we understand that the smart and efficient management of the tsunami of information is key to success.   The Garnet Group provides valuable expertise in extracting, storing, analyzing, managing and reporting pertinent information for decision-making.  Our services do not rely on a one-size-fits-all approach with ready-made applications, but rather focus on understanding the client’s needs and tailoring the appropriate IT solution to ensure success.  We also recognizes that many clients have existing data management systems that need to service new analysis and reporting requirements.  The Garnet Group specializes in developing bridge applications, data reconciliation, and synchronization for small and mid-sized organizations.  And lastly, our award-winning web communications practice ensures that our clients’ messages are successfully conveyed.

Selected IT Projects: 

  • Development of a Unique Cost of Living Allowance Calculation Program – Office of Personnel Management

    Successful development and management of a program for the collection, analysis and reporting of Federal Court mandated COLA (Cost Of Living Allowance) calculation. This program was required to adjust the income of the approximately 45,000 federal employees who live and work inside the territorial U.S. but outside the lower 48 states, (specifically Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.)
  • Creation of Collection Software for the Cost of Living Allowance Calculation Program – Office of Personnel Management

    Coordinating the building and testing a dedicated data entry system for the collection of comparative retail pricing between the Washington DC area and the various other areas collected by Federal employees, contractors and Court appointed designees.

  • Development of Data Reconciliation Software – Office of Personnel Management

    Created collection, storage and reconciliation software to handle the comparative data in combination with Department of Labor data and statistics for the most accurate possible calculation of the cost of living allowance.
  • DIY Valances, Inc.

    DIY Valances allows customers to design their own window treatments online. We took over this project from another developer in order to redesign it and improve its functionality. We wrote some SQL stored procedures to help update fabric samples and associate them with the correct window treatment styles and color families.
  • Building of Calculation Algorithms – Office of Personnel Management

    Worked with OPM employees and Court appointed economists to create the algorithms to calculate of the cost of living allowance in a readable, adjustable form for future alteration.

  • Development Data Sifting and Reporting Methodologies – Office of Personnel Management

    Worked with OPM employees and Court appointed economists to allow for the analysis of data and findings at both the micro and macro levels by OPM employees and Court mandated overseers. Additionally, created the reporting of findings functionality including the documentation for the justification of collection, calculation and analysis required by the ordering Court.

  • Creation of Commercial Software to Record Point of Sale Transactions in Conjunction with Digital Video Recording – TVS Incorporated

    Coordinating the building and testing of software to perform real time data analysis system for point-of-sale transactions for sale to small to medium sized shops. This data was printed on the digital video recording of the transaction and stored for analysis by daily and weekly reconciliation and analysis.

  • Development of a Security Reporting System – TVS Incorporated

    Worked closely with TVS staff to build the database reporting systems to act as a security watchdog protecting client assets from what is referred to as “shrinkage” or the pilfering of stock, largely by employees, by reporting specific actions or combinations of actions known to be associated with “shrinkage”.