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The Garnet Group understands that today’s domestic and international markets for both goods and services are fast-changing and competitive.  We know from experience the value of thorough market potential research, competitiveness analysis, product branding, and promotion programs.  Our staff has earned a reputation for the quality of their design and management of market transformation programs, particularly in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies; assessments of technology transfer/technology utilization potential; commercialization strategies for public sector technologies and products; and export promotion initiatives.  Our market research and business development efforts have included projects for both public and private sectors and have focused both on technology-wide as well as product-specific initiatives.

 Selected corporate and staff projects:

  • Technical Support to the Technology Confidence Building [Marketing] Committee – Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium

    Provided ongoing technical, marketing, and outreach support to the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium for the planning and implementation of coordinated marketing field activities to expand the market penetration of GeoExchange heating and cooling systems.  Specific activities included technical support for the design, planning, development, and implementation of cost-shared GeoExchange marketing strategies, techniques, and programs; preparation of RFPs, RFQs, and NOOs; evaluation of project proposals; development of databases; planning and coordination of committee and subcommittee meetings; and preparation of special topical reports.
  • Virtual Therapy Center

    This unique service offers mental health services through secure video conferencing. Clients connect with therapists through their HIPAA-compliant site. We assisted VTC from concept through execution, including competitive research, researching HIPAA regulations as they pertain to video teleconferencing, defining target markets and service offerings, and staging a phased rollout of services. 
  • Program Design for Marketing Advanced HVAC Technologies to the State Governmental Market Segment – Virginia Power

    Developed overall strategy and plan for utility program to market and install advanced HVAC technologies at state-owned buildings within the state of Virginia.  Overall effort included preliminary analysis of market potential, selection of specific targets of opportunity, and the development of an operational plan to implement and manage the effort.  Specific project products included “Virginia Power GeoExchange Deployment Strategy and Plan,” “GeoExchange Technology Applications Guide for State Governmental Decision-Makers,” “Cost-Estimation Workbook,” and “Criteria for the selection of A&Es.”
  • Allied International Corporation Information Technologies

    The Garnet Group has supported AICIT's marketing efforts by focusing their message on key product offerings that appeal to the desired customer base, which was determined by the apparent demand for these types of products. 
  • GeoExchange Marketing Expertise Resource & Information Team [GeoMERIT] – Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium

    Provide on-call program design and evaluation, marketing planning, and technology transfer support to specific utilities under the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium's GeoMERIT Service.  Specific GeoMERIT projects to date include: Virginia Power (Marketing GHPs in the State Governmental Market Segment); East Kentucky Power Cooperative (Leveraging Long-Term Financing With School-Based Rates); Potomac Electric Power Company (Operation Energy Save - Reducing Military Energy Use for Space Heating and Cooling); Central Hudson Gas & Electric (Mohonk Preserve Trapps Gateway Interpretive Center GeoExchange Showcase), Oklahoma Gas & Electric (Residential and Commercial Market Demonstration).  For each of these assignments, worked with host utility to define and design focused GeoExchange marketing projects.  Specific activities included market research, program design, cost estimation, preparation of work plans, development of program metrics, and general consultation. 
  • Decision-Makers Guide on Photovoltaics for Military Applications – Sandia National Laboratories

    Managed and provided key technical input to the development of a semi-technical document explaining and promoting the use of photovoltaic technology at military facilities.  Wrote key sections on the technology status, life-cycle costing techniques, and DOD-related procurement issues.  Also developed strategies to accelerate the integration of photovoltaic technologies into military specifications. 
  • Guide to Federal Export Assistance Activities Applicable to the U.S. Coal and Coal Technologies Industry – Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy, U.S. Department of Energy

    Researched and collected information on all export-related activities and programs offered by Federal agencies into a single, searchable data base.  Assessed these programs for their relevancy and value to the U.S. coal and coal technologies companies and developed a guide to seek assistance.  Export assistance activities were categorized into nine areas including Counseling and Assistance, Overseas Market Assessment, Trade Opportunities Identification, Feasibility Studies, Financing, Insurance, Licensing, Trade Regulations, and Training and Technical Assistance.  Information for each activity provided a description of the assistance offered, eligibility requirements, and contact information.  Detailed appendices provided significant additional information. 
  • Development of PACIIS Data Base of Federal Export Assistance Activities Applicable to the U.S. Coal and Coal Technologies Industry – Argonne National Laboratory/ U.S. Department of Energy

    As a supplement to the development of a Guide to Federal Export Assistance Activities Applicable to the U.S. Coal and Coal Technologies Industry, The Garnet Group staff developed a key-word searchable data base of the collected information.  The search routine and the entire data base was released as supplement to the Guide document by Argonne National Laboratory under its support contract to the Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy within the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Canadian Geothermal Heat Pump Market Deployment Program – Natural Resources Canada

    Provided planning and program support through the US Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium for the development of a Canadian counter-part organization.  This Canadian organization brings together government and industry players in deploying a multi-year market transformation effort in increase the deployment of geothermal heat pumps for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  Overall planning and strategy effort included the development of staged, multi-year deployment strategy, communications plan and products, development of packaged demonstration projects, and organizational development support.
  • Technical Analysis of Electrotec Market Constraints – Edison Electric Institute

    Identified and analyzed technical, economic, financial, infrastructure, and market factors that are constraining the expanded penetration of electro-technologies into the residential and commercial space conditioning markets.  Identified and evaluated market share and market growth data on competing technologies, compared cost and performance data of electro-technologies with competing systems, and developed estimates of energy, cost, and carbon emission savings.  Provided recommendations for utility-led marketing efforts. 
  • Geothermal Heat Pump Marketing Strategy Development, Advertising, And Public Relations – Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium

    The project involved the development of the Statement of Requirements for a “Statement of Qualifications” (SOQ) for a potential contract to support the Confidence Building objectives of the National Earth Comfort Program (NECP).   In particular, the document addressed the specifications for two specific projects: 1) Development of ``Model GHP Utility Marketing Materials'' (Areas of interest included: overall strategy and approach to developing generic and utility-specific model GHP marketing program resource materials, and development and implementation of local/regional awareness and public outreach programs). 2) Development of a ``National GHP Awareness and Public Education Campaign'' Strategy and Resource Materials (Areas of interest included: development of overall coordinated national/regional strategy, identification of key target audiences/market media, development of public education, advertising, and public relations materials, implementation of national-level awareness and public education campaign).  The final document included a section on program background, program requirements, SOQ evaluation criteria, and description of the contracting process.

  • Development of Export Strategy for U.S. Geothermal Technology – National Geothermal Association

    Worked with NGA and the geothermal industry to identify U.S. industry capabilities, identify and assess international opportunities for geothermal projects, and develop and present coherent Three-Year Industry Strategy to Expand Exports of U.S. Geothermal Goods and Services.
  • Seminars on Geothermal Energy Export Opportunities and Constraints – National Geothermal Association, Department of Energy, U.S. Agency for International Development

    Planned, organized, and managed a series of seminars and workshops for industry and government decision-makers on the opportunities and potential for the export of U.S. geothermal technology goods and services to exploit the growing worldwide interest in renewable energies.  Seminar participants included representatives of the World Bank, Export-Import Bank, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, U.S. Trade and Development Agency, U.S. geothermal companies, U.S. electric utility companies, and selected foreign embassies.  The overall effort included the development of a searchable data base of U.S. goods and service providers and international organizations involved in geothermal energy and power production.

  • Geothermal Development Opportunities in Developing Countries – Department of Energy/National Geothermal Association

    This effort involved the planning, management, and reporting of a Seminar on geothermal development opportunities in developing countries.  The overall objectives of the seminar were: (1) Provide sufficient information to the attendees to encourage their interest in undertaking more geothermal projects within selected developing countries, and (2) Demonstrate the technological leadership of U.S. technology and the depth of U.S. industry experience and capabilities to best perform on these projects. The resulting papers and discussions of this seminar were published in a report of the proceedings.